Discover the Nippo tomatoes

tomates Nippo

Discover the Nippo tomatoes

At Novavenda we are always committed to quality and local products, so this time we would like to show you a tomato variety that we have in our shops and which has won several awards.

We are talking about Nippo tomatoes created by Semillas Fitó in Brunyola, Girona. Nippo is a new concept of melting tomato developed by the Foodture specialities division team, which analyses and develops varieties to satisfy consumers.

Characteristics of the Nippo tomatoes

Nippo is a tomato that is totally different from those currently available on the market. It is very eye-catching thanks to its very thin, shiny skin and, when in the mouth, it provokes an explosion of flavour that has never been seen before. It really is a unique variety that offers a new concept in the market, many Michelin star restaurants in Girona such as El Celler de Can Roca, Les Magnòlies, Ca l’Enric … have already added it to their menus.

These tomatoes are a speciality that has been recognised with one of the prestigious “Talent Cambra” prizes awarded by the Welcome Talent Society and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Specifically, Nippo has won the award in the Food and Drink category, and the jury has highlighted that it has “exceptional characteristics of flavour and texture, as we are faced with a new concept of melting tomato that has not existed until now and which is recommended by some of the best chefs of today”.

As Ferran Adrià stated “with Nippo I have discovered the pleasure of eating a tomato with an almost invisible skin, a melting texture and a sweet flavour that is both intense and deep”.

The company Semillas Fitó is committed to eliminating all types of waste, they grow this variety of tomato on benches or in pots with organic substrate and use cultivation techniques that reduce sanitary treatments to a minimum.

Thanks to this philosophy and the exceptional flavour of this variety, they have also taken part in other initiatives such as BBVA’s Sustainable Gastronomy and El Celler de Can Roca.

This new variety of tomato, produced by a small farm in the province of Girona, could change the development of tomatoes as we know them in the future.

If you are curious to try these tomatoes, come and try them at Novavenda.