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At Novavenda we want to reward the loyalty of our customers and that’s why we have prepared a super summer draw! The winner will get a DAKOTA URBANBIKER, an electric bicycle valued at 1,695€!

This model of bike has a range of 840Wh, suitable for combining journeys of more than 100km on asphalt, roads or mountains. The motor has a nominal power of 350W and allows you to change up to 5 levels of assistance, to accommodate the power of the motor to the effort you want to make.

The draw will start next Friday 10th July at 12:00h and will end Saturday 25th July at 23:59h. During the next few days, information about the draw will be available in our establishments and on our social networks.

To participate in the draw, you can do so through Facebook or Instagram:

To participate in Instagram, follow our account (novavenda_supermercats) and mention two friends to the comments.

To participate in Facebook (supermatsnovavenda), you must comment on one of the posts that we will publish about the draw.

The winner of the electric bicycle will be announced on Monday July 27th through our social networks.

If you want to know the legal rules of the draw you can check them here.

Good luck to everyone!