Improvement of Novavenda facilities in C/ Güell (Girona)

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Improvement of Novavenda facilities in C/ Güell (Girona)

In Novavenda we are committed to offer the best quality to our customers day after day. If you are a regular at the Novavenda supermarket, located on Güell Street in Girona, you will have noticed different an Improvement of Novavenda facilities in the sections of fresh refrigerated products and in the fruit and vegetable section.

The improvements have made possible to provide the supermarket with a much wider space, to make it easier for customers to see them and to make they feel more comfortable.

First of all, we have updated the refrigerators. These components are very important to us, as they allow us to keep the most delicate products at the ideal temperature. This change guarantees a substantial change in this section, which continues in the line of renewing those equipment that are necessary of the Novavenda supermarkets.

Secondly, in the fruits and vegetables section has bet by a change that offers to the customer a better visibility of the totality of the product, that consists of a new furniture type island that allows to give better access to any fruit. In addition, the old lighting has also been replaced by a new one, which helps to give more visibility to all products. The update of the spaces allows us to show the essence of a product that will always be of quality.

Whether or not you are a regular customer of this supermarket, we invite you to enjoy the new space we have created for you.

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