Improvement of the facilities at C/ de la Rutlla (Girona)

Improvement of the facilities at C/ de la Rutlla (Girona)

We continue working to make our supermarkets more accessible. The facilities at C/ de la Rutlla have been improved to offer the customer a more comfortable experience, facilitating traffic and the shopping experience in the various sections.

Upgrades to the facilities at C/ de la Rutlla (Girona)

The supermarket has been enlarged and now has more than 600 m². The enlargement of the space has allowed us to extend the range of products we offer and the accessibility of the various sections for our customers. The larger space makes it more convenient for customers to come and do their shopping.

One of the improvements to the facilities at c/ De la Rutlla has been the enlargement of our fruit and vegetable section. Now, the freshest products from the garden can be found in a larger space. An island has been added in the centre of the section to offer more visibility and better access to the fruit.

Apart from the improvement of the greengrocer’s shop, other improvements have also been made. Firstly, the shelves have been renovated in order to keep up to date with the most beautiful and ergonomic design in our supermarkets. Secondly, the fridge and freezer area has been enlarged, allowing for an update of the equipment and an expansion of the products we can offer. Finally, the bakery area has also been enlarged.

At Novavenda in c/ De La Rutlla we have also optimised the warehouse and dispatch areas.

Whether or not you are a regular customer of this supermarket, we invite you to enjoy the new space we have created.

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