Installation of solar panels at our headquarters.


Installation of solar panels at our headquarters.

Moving towards a sustainable business model is important, not only to preserve the planet, but also to improve the quality of life of those who inhabit it. That is why Novavenda has decided to take a step forward and install photovoltaic panels at our headquarters in Fornells de la Selva.

The new installation achieves a peak power of 104,640 Wp. This power allows us to achieve a high performance in terms of both self-consumption percentage and self-efficiency. The percentage of self-consumption shows the percentage of energy that is consumed out of the energy that is produced and the self-efficiency shows the percentage of the electricity demand that is covered by the solar panels. The self-consumption percentage of the new system is 100% and this high performance allows us to achieve a 40% self-efficiency for our power plant.

With this investment we hope to achieve a saving in CO₂ emissions of 57 tonnes/year, equivalent to planting 22 hectares of trees, an approximate extension of 30 football pitches.

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