News to the Novavenda’s Llançà supermarket

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News to the Novavenda’s Llançà supermarket

From Novavenda we are very excited to announce that this month we have incorporated some modifications in Novavenda’s Llançà supermarket. We have adapted some of our facilities and services in order to reduce queues and waiting times for customers to lighten and facilitate their purchases, since we have always worked – and we work – to offer our customers comfort and quality at the time to go shopping in our supermarkets.

The improvements that we have applied to the supermarket have been incorporated in order to prioritize, above all, the reduction of queues at the checkout and the crowds that occur at the exit that has access to the Llançà supermarket car park, especially in season high.

Likewise, we have also applied these changes in order to improve the user experience when shopping and reduce the waiting time for those customers who use the car park that we have the ability for them, offering them a better quality of our service.

Improvements to the Novavenda’s Llançà supermarket

In order to improve the shopping experience for our customers, first of all, we have installed a second box in the same exit of the supermarket that has access to the parking lot, so that customers will not have to queue so many and now they can be divided between two boxes instead of having just one, which will alleviate the situation and speed up the purchase.

Secondly, also in the same store, we have incorporated some changes to the butcher section, where we have improved the entire space such as walls, shop windows and decoration.

In addition, we have made changes to the lighting to give better visibility of the product to customers and make the space more open. Following this line, we have also changed the background of the wall of the same section, which helps to highlight the essence of our products, always of quality.

Whether you are a regular customer of Novavenda or not, we invite you to come to our facilities and follow us on our social media, where you can find out about all the news from our supermarkets.