Today we would like to talk to you about a new brand that we have introduced in our supermarkets. It is Arganour, a manufacturing and distribution company of body, facial and hair care products born in 2013, specialised in natural and organic cosmetics with a Moroccan spirit.

At Novavenda we are always committed to quality and local products, so this time we would like to show you a tomato variety that we have in our shops and which has won several awards. We are talking about Nippo tomatoes created by Semillas Fitó in...

From Novavenda we want to share the latest improvement that we have carried out in our facilities. This improvement is based on the installation of a new LED lighting system in the Novavenda shop in Carretera de Barcelona (Girona) by the german company Bäro. This lighting system is installed throughout the supermarket, with the aim of ensuring that each foodstuff receives the most suitable type of light to maintain its qualities.

From Novavenda we are very excited to announce that this month we have incorporated some modifications in Novavenda's Llançà supermarket. We have adapted some of our facilities and services in order to reduce queues and waiting times for customers to lighten and facilitate their purchases, since we have always worked - and we work - to offer our customers comfort and quality at the time to go shopping in our supermarkets.

In Novavenda we are committed to offer the best quality to our customers day after day. If you are a regular at the Novavenda supermarket, located on Güell Street in Girona, you will have noticed different an Improvement of Novavenda facilities in the sections of fresh refrigerated products and in the fruit and vegetable section.

At Novavenda we offer you masks at the best market price. We want to provide all possible mechanisms to get the majority of the population to use it. That is why we have lowered the price of the masks to € 0.25 per unit. Even so, the mandatory use of masks can produce situations of ignorance about what we have to use and how to do it. Here are the tips and information you need to protect yourself and others.

Casa Mas is a company born in 1993 in Castellterçol (Barcelona) dedicated to the marketing of meat products and sausages. From 1996 onwards, he began to prepare dishes in response to demand from grocery stores. During all these years they have been working to get fresh dishes prepared, unpasteurized, with top quality ingredients and with an exceptional value for money.