Prepared dishes Casa Mas

Prepared dishes Casa Mas

Casa Mas is a company born in 1993 in Castellterçol (Barcelona) dedicated to the marketing of meat products and sausages. From 1996 onwards, he began to prepare dishes in response to demand from grocery stores. During all these years they have been working to get fresh dishes prepared, unpasteurized, with top quality ingredients and with an exceptional value for money.

Casa Mas dishes are made with carefully selected products and tested to guarantee their taste and quality. They have a state-of-the-art kitchen where specific cooking processes are carried out for each dish, with the aim of maintaining the properties and freshness of the products.

Most dishes have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 days and are packaged in a protective atmosphere. In terms of distribution, they have a cold room to ensure that the products reach customers with the right temperature and without breaking the cold chain in any of the processes (between 2ºC and 4ºC).

Its products include different categories such as salads, rice, cannelloni, meats, creams and gazpachos, croquettes, lasagna, legumes, pastas, cold cakes, fish, sauces and vegetables. Some of its star dishes are croquettes, you can find them with chicken, escalivada, Iberian ham, mushrooms, homemade and cod.

Prepared dishes are an increasingly popular solution in today’s society, whether it’s because of the lifestyle we lead or because of a lack of culinary skills. They are a practical and quick solution to make a good meal without many complications.

At Novavenda we have been relying on these prepared meals for years and we work with more than 50 references. It’s as easy as going to your nearest grocery store and choosing the dish you like best, heating it in the microwave for a few minutes (if the dish requires it) and enjoying a delicious and healthy meal.