Recyclable and reusable paper bags in our supermarkets

Recyclable and reusable paper bags in our supermarkets

Novavenda maintains its commitment to the environment so that consumers can adopt more sustainable consumption patterns; whose objective is that the value of products, materials and resources (water, energy,) remain in the economy for as long as possible, and that waste generation is minimized.

Novavenda supermarkets offer their customers paper bags with the 100% Recycled certificate. This guarantees that it comes from responsible sources, and bags made from renewable plant-based materials.

The new range of sustainable recycled paper bags that Novavenda has introduced not only allows a sustainable purchase, but customers can also use them in the selective recycling of their homes, since the bags can be used for organic waste in containers Organic Browns.

In the end, it is about betting on a new economy, circular -not linear-, based on reducing both the entry of virgin materials and the production of waste.

A sustainable use of resources, the reduction of the environmental footprint, the prevention of climate change and the defense of biodiversity are essential for Novavenda.