Solidarity masks in Novavenda

Mascaretes solidàries Novavenda

Solidarity masks in Novavenda

Novavenda begins its participation in the solidarity project “With a smile Bellvitge investigates”, acquiring the new solidarity masks of this project (characteristic for the red smile illustrated in front) that Novavenda will give to all its workers.

With a smile Bellvitge investigates.

The project was created by Nandu Jubany and Joan Ramon from CSTY to help stop the Covidien-19 pandemic and prevent further outbreaks.

The money raised will go to research projects that IDIBELL has initiated in collaboration with the Bellvitge University Hospital and the Catalan Institute of Oncology, to curb the Covidien-19 epidemic and prevent further outbreaks.

Biomedical research is the only way out of the current crisis and future health threats. Since Bellvitge they have redirected many efforts to find a short and long term solution.

One of the project’s founders, Nandu Jubany, explains the reason for the smile on his mask:

“This crisis has been devastating for many families and companies and I think it is important that we all try to regain our joy. It has been proven that laughter is contagious. We want the smile to be transmitted instead of the virus and we want researchers to have resources to deal with it. Will you help us? “