The new lighting at Novavenda

Nova il·luminació a Novavenda

The new lighting at Novavenda

From Novavenda we want to share the latest improvement that we have carried out in our facilities. This improvement is based on the installation of a new LED lighting system in the Novavenda shop in Carretera de Barcelona (Girona) by the german company Bäro. This lighting system is installed throughout the supermarket, with the aim of ensuring that each foodstuff receives the most suitable type of light to maintain its qualities.

Bäro is a German family business specialising in lighting for fresh produce shops. They have been working for more than fifty years to maximise the freshness and quality of food through LED lighting. In addition, this new system makes it possible to create the ideal atmosphere for each section of the shop, improving the well-being of customers inside the establishment and maintaining optimum lighting at all times for the correct display of our products.

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