Use and tips on masks

Use and tips on masks

At Novavenda we offer you masks at the best market price. We want to provide all possible mechanisms to get the majority of the population to use it. That is why we have lowered the price of the masks to € 0.25 per unit. Even so, the mandatory use of masks can produce situations of ignorance about what we have to use and how to do it. Here are the tips and information you need to protect yourself and others.

There are three different situations for adults that will determine which mask to use:

  • People in good health. They will have to use the hygienic masks.
  • Sick people. They will have to use surgical masks.
  • People in contact with the virus. They will use the EPI masks.

Young children, from the age of three, without any symptoms may use hygienic masks. In case they present any symptoms or are asymptomatic, they will have to use hygienic or surgical masks. There are different measures according to the ages of the little ones.

Taking into account the different uses they have, we will have to prioritize the use of surgical or hygienic masks and EPI masks by professionals for the population.

How long have they been in use?

Many people can find confusion about how long they can use the masks. In general, each mask, although you have to read the manufacturer’s specifications, will have to be changed every 4 hours of use. In the event that they are reusable, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wash them.

Very important! How to put on the mask

You have to follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hands before putting it on
  2. Handle them only by touching the rubbers.
  3. Cover your nose and mouth.
  4. Make sure it is not too big for you.
  5. Fit the mask on the nose.
  6. Before taking it off, wash your hands.

It is important not to touch the masks with your hands on the outside when wearing them.

If you need more information about the use and specifications of the masks or any other information about the covid you can consult the Health of the Generalitat website.

At Novavenda you can buy your masks to protect yourself and all of us. Remember, this virus we stopped together!