We premiere bloodshed at Novavenda Bescanó

We premiere bloodshed at Novavenda Bescanó

We premiere bloodshed at Novavenda Bescanó

We are very happy to present you the new bloodshed with products of quality and proximity at the shop Novavenda Bescanó.

Bloodshed Novavenda Bescanó

The new bloodshed of the shop Novavenda Bescanó, situated at the Walk Sambola no. 1 of Bescanó; Girona, will have experts at the sector of the meat and stuffings.

The expert butchers have more of thirty years of experience at the sector. They come from of “Meats and stuffings It Is necessary Enric” where his work, dedication and attention at the customer make the ones perfect to be able to attend at the customers and understand the product.

Near at hand of the customers, will find the products of proximity of the Farm Mas Vilallonga.

Products of the Farm Mas Vilallonga

The Farm Mas Vilallonga is a familiar company devoted at the pup and engreix of pork and beef. One of the principles of the farm is the welfare of the animals raised of sustainable and respectful form with the environment.

The animals get a supply 100% natural, since the pinsos elaborate at the same farm. Besides, it has the certification of the Generality of Catalonia of sale of proximity of short circuit.

The farm Mas Vilallonga is situated at Riudellots of the Jungle, at Girona’s region. The exploitation is regentada for the brothers Rubirola with the values to offer a meat of quality, sustainable and of proximity.

From now, already you will be able to come at Novavenda Bescanó to make your purchases of fresh products, of quality and proximity.